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Training Services

Throughout the years of training experience, Pleiades International has validated that knowledge transfer is best accomplished by instructors who have actually worked as a professional in the field being instructed.  Further, during his professional career, the instructor needed to be responsible for, and carry out the activities that are being instructed.  This brings hands-on learning to the participants, not text book teaching.

At Pleiades International, we provide instructors who have hands-on experiences to enable direct dialogue with real life examples relative to the participants. 

Pleiades International provides training on site, which allows the participants to learn in a familiar setting.  Additionally, participants are instructed on the subject as it applies to their specific job.

Seminars allow good for personnel to get a feel for the subject and discover the creative ways to use widgets.  However, when it is time for a firm understanding and application of knowledge, the training has to provide an understanding of the subject not rote learning.

On site seminars provide:

    ٭  Lower participant / Instructor ratios for personal attention

    ٭  Application of the subject to the participants organization

    ٭  Hands-on examples from the participants organization

    ٭  Real life learning from real life instructors

    ٭  Full understanding vs. Rote learning