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Consulting Services

At Pleiades International, we do not consider you a customer, but a partner.  When contracted, we try to operate as if we are an employee within your organization.  As a result, we make every decision as if we owned the company and have a vested interest in its success.  By doing so, your organization will receive the highest level of service we have to offer. 

Our knowledge and expertise has been acquired through advanced degrees in secondary education teamed up with years of experience in both manufacturing and service sectors.  From flight hardware, warheads and advanced weaponry to educational facilities, food, automotive, textiles, medical devices, electronics and the distribution methods to supply them, Pleiades International has the proven qualifications and experience necessary to meet your requirements.

We provide as little or as much as your organization needs to achieve success.  Typical contracts require our organization to design, author, document, train, audit and troubleshoot all systems necessary within the customers facilities to meet the rigorous international standards, or simply streamline the organization to achieve maximum efficiency, productivity, quality and profitability.

We provide the services needed to take an organization through the required changes to ultimately achieve third party accreditation to national and international standards. 

Our approach is non typical.  We do not believe that the standards should drive the internal systems, but instead, we believe that the business must focus internally and strengthen itself to become the best in class.  By becoming the best in class, market share and profitability can be increased.

For too long, other consultants have touted the challenges and complexities of implementing a standard within an organization.  This was simply a way to justify their means.  The standards do not mandate how a task will be accomplished,  further, it does not mandate a vast array of documentation throughout the organization that requires tremendous resources to create, implement, train and maintain.  It is utter nonsense to implement any system in the name of ISO standards or any other standard.  The organization can ill afford to increase staffing and reduce throughput due to cumbersome systems designed for show.

We provide consulting services necessary to beat the competition, meet standards, optimize efficiency, productivity, quality and profitability.  All are pre-requisites for survival in the twenty-first century.