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Auditing Services


Protect your investment by utilizing our fully trained, full time auditors on an as needed basis. Training your employees and maintaining their proficiency for a part time task is expensive and inefficient. Employee turnover means constant training. The quality of the audits may suffer based on the frequency of audits conducted. You do not need a full time auditor, so why pay for one? Use your existing employees to do what you hired them to do. We create, maintain and present the scheduled audits specific to your company for approval. Once approved, we conduct the scheduled audits and provide a complete report of the findings using highly trained and proficient auditors.


The standard requires that each company maintain documented procedures for planning and implementing internal audits. The audits are conducted to determine the effectiveness of your system. The results of the audits should reflect what the Registrar will be seeing on the initial Assessment and each follow-up visit.


Typically an organization does not maintain existing personnel dedicated to internal audits. Because this requirement has been imposed for compliance to your specific standard, internal resources must be used in a manner that differs from the original intended purpose. As a result, the original assigned task fails to be completed in the same amount of time when additional burden is placed on existing resources. Suddenly, organizations find the need to identify internal personnel as future auditors. Once identified, these individuals will require training and experience to complete the internal audits. Typically, organizations train a large number of employees for auditing in an attempt to minimize the effect of employee turnover and reduce the effect on any one department

In summary, the company must train existing employees to maintain qualified internal auditors. As employee turnover takes its toll on the auditor pool, additional training will be required. Further, as each of the auditors are removed from their primary job, the company loses production from the employee while they are auditing.


The frequency of internal audits typically does not justify a full-time auditor within an organization. Therefore; organizations use internal auditors on a part time basis. The employee's primary job is supported by experience and knowledge that provides a high degree of quality. How can we achieve the same quality output from employees with a new profession (auditor) when their new profession is part-time? We must question the part-time auditor's ability to provide a representative snapshot of what the registrar will see.


The internal audit can be focused in many ways (i.e. Process, systems etc.) However, within each audit, there are two levels. The low level focus finds the auditor answering the basic question: Are we following our procedures, work instruction etc.? The high level focus is to confirm that the employees are compliant with existing systems, and most importantly, is the existing system still compliant to the standards?

If the initial audit of the Registrar has been successful, each company must assure itself that continuous improvement does not make the company non-compliant with the standard.

A new question now arises. Can we expect the internal auditors, utilized part time, with minimal experience and training, to assess the organization's compliance to existing systems and the standard?


Subcontract all internal audits. That right! Just as your organization chooses to subcontract gage calibration of high tech equipment, you can do the same for your internal audits. Registrars of our existing clients feel this is the best way to go. By using our auditors, you get a full-time, highly trained and experienced auditor at your disposal - without the overhead.

Our auditing service is complete. We can provide all procedures, work instructions, forms, and charts to meet the documentation requirements of the standard. Further, we create and submit a detailed schedule of your audits for your approval. Upon approval, our auditor will arrive on a pre-approved scheduled time and date to conduct the audit. The audit will be conducted by highly trained and experienced professional auditors. Best of all, our auditors do not have any bias to overcome. Their observations will more accurately reflect that of the Registrar. They will assess compliance to existing systems while evaluating the systems compliance to the standard. Upon completion of the audit, a formal documented report is provided to your organization to maintain as a quality record.

You pay only for the time the auditor is on site, and at an exceptionally affordable rate.