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About Us

Since 1990 Pleiades International Incorporated has provided consulting, auditing and training services to companies in the following service and manufacturing market segments: Aerospace, Defense, Distribution, Education, Textiles, Food Processing, Electrical, Paper & Printing, Automotive, Metal fabrication, Plastics and Rubber to name a few.  Pleiades International is an organization dedicated to improving the performance of business in both the service and manufacturing sectors. 

 At Pleiades International, we understand that the pre-requisite to meeting our mission requires that we ourselves must be vigilant in the maintenance of our ability to help the customer become the market leader. Our staff's skills are constantly being updated. Sub-contracting is never used. Our corporate culture requires that we constantly challenge ourselves to identify better ways to help you, our customer, improve yourself.

Each service is completed within the time constraints as mandated by the customer, while maintaining fiscal responsibility, thus ensuring optimization of the customer's return on investment.

What makes Pleiades International Incorporated different? First, our 100% success rate demonstrates our knowledge and abilities. To place this into proper perspective, the failure rate for companies first attempt at registration is so high, that the registration process for both ISO/TS16949 and ISO-14001 has been modified to require a pre-assessment. Second, our guaranteed results assures that the client is completely satisfied with our services before we consider the contract completed. And third, all of our services are fixed-priced. This means that you can count on a known cost to achieve compliance versus the hidden costs that accompany estimates and hourly charges.

We share in the risk of implementation. We become an internal driving force to achieve compliance in the most efficient and cost effective manner for the customer. Why Pleiades International Incorporated? This is best answered by our clients.